An Astronomical Success: A Review Of Our Early Adopters Moon HEX Sale

3 min readMar 9, 2022

Moon is a one-of-a-kind economic and social metaverse that enables players to build new societies across an untapped planet. It encompasses a wide range of gameplay features that empower players through various profit-earning modules.

One of these features includes land plots that players can purchase to own their piece of lunar real estate. However, this land is more than just a novelty piece to show off to other users. It enables players to activate a range of functions (i.e. mining, commerce ) that ultimately reward them with more of our in-game currency, MOON tokens.

This article will delve deeper into the benefits of owning Moon land plots and provide important information on how to get ahead.

Got HEX?

All across Moon’s landscape are 126,000 individual land plots called HEXs that players can purchase to participate in the game’s lunar economy. This investment will provide players with several opportunities to boost their earning power and rack up rewards. Moon HEX owners can not only buy, trade, or sell their land, but they can also rent the land within it to other users.

If you’re someone that plans to hold on to your HEX for the long term, there are plenty of utilities designed to boost your earning power. Landowners will have the opportunity to build profit-generating structures on their HEX as a means to earn passively. This can include companies, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and other businesses that stimulate economic activity. Players can also house companies that manufacture in-game assets (NFTs), which they can then sell, rent or trade with other players.

Additionally, a HEX contains minerals that can be extracted and utilized further to develop the industries you are building on your land plot. They can also be sold to other users within the Moon metaverse. As a HEX owner, you have the power to levy taxes to those living within your borders and beyond. Whether it’s a tax on an import from a neighboring country or ensuring that someone renting a business on your land pays their dues, you will make the rules and have the ability to form partnerships that will grow your empire — enabling you to earn handsomely.

The Call to Early Adopters Was a Resounding Success!

Our early adopters were able to get away with some high utility hexes for a great price. Many players were able to successfully get a head start in colonizing the Moon. This presale provided players with the ability to capture HEX land plots with super rare resources made exclusively available at this time. If you missed out, don’t fret, we have some great opportunities ahead, the Moon mission has only just begun! With interest in the Moon metaverse at an all-time high and our community growing we look forward to furthering our adventure together.

We Are Moon Bound

We wish to thank you for your continued support and would like you to know that our team has much planned for the Moon metaverse and its community. We are constructing an ecosystem designed to benefit players and provide them with an abundance of profit-earning opportunities such as precious resources, commercial industries, NFT generation, and more.

About Moon

Moon is an outer space play-to-earn game built on the Binance Smart Chain. It encompasses real-life simulation on a large scale that tasks players with micromanaging their land plots defined as a HEX. In them, users can start businesses, employ a workforce, build armies, and form alliances with neighboring countries. The unique gameplay featured in Moon will test a player’s intellect and tenacity as they continue to grow their community and become a powerful force in the Lunar Metaverse. The industry-leading developers, designers, and blockchain experts that make up the Moon team are dedicated to creating an NFT gaming ecosystem that is truly out of this world.

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