An Open Letter to Our Community

5 min readSep 4, 2023


Navigating the Launch Crunch

This open letter serves as both a critical update and an expression of gratitude to our community for your support over the last month.

As a gaming studio we have built successful games and a proven track record through Ertha and Spellfire. Our company is in a healthy position and we are excited to gain momentum for our recent game The Moon.

We envisioned the Moon token launch as a seamless event, with the usual volatility of launching in a bear market, however we were impacted by a series of unfortunate events. The actions of a key Moon stakeholder exacerbated the situation beyond normal market expectations and for legal reasons, we were unable to communicate openly until now.

What happened

At its core, we faced a breach of trust, as a former collaborator undermined our joint efforts by participating in aggressive token sales. These tokens were provided to support the launch, community growth and marketing efforts. The goal of this letter is to provide clarity on the actions we have taken and our next steps.

Over the last month we have been in consultations with all of our major partners, VCs, and other investors. We discussed two potential options; firstly, to re-mint and launch a new token at some point in the future, or secondly, to continue building out the existing token. We reached consensus from our major stakeholders to continue working with the existing token but adding further utilities that should lead to both increased LP provision, and an influx of new token holders.

Over the coming months, our ongoing work will further validate the confidence we’re expressing today. In addition to this, we will increase the focus on marketing, partnerships and development updates.

We will be continuing the build of our game and soon commiting to a concrete roadmap about the release of the beta and alpha versions. Additionally, we will be implementing an enhanced communication strategy to keep you updated with regular development updates and change logs, showcase the product, AMAs and Live Streams. This will also pave the way for the equity fundraise for our web3 gaming studio, with blockchain gaming expected to be a hot topic in the upcoming bullmarket.

Liquidity provider campaign

Our focus is on making sure the community has easy options to navigate their tokens. That’s why we are establishing a Liquidity Provider Campaign where you’ll have the opportunity to stake and earn a lucrative 20% APR.

We have been diligently preparing the blockchain contracts for this over the last week. In preparation for the LP campaign we will suspend token distributions for the next six months. This makes sense as it gives us ample time to increase decentralised liquidity while “re-launching” further token distribution in favourable conditions. By the time the suspension expires, the project will be in a much better position to deal with the token..

Expanding our internal team

To further bolster our recovery plan, our studio proceeded to hire new talent with our marketing department, blockchain and gaming development. These new hires will help expedite our internal processes and increase the turnover of updates, fixes, and new features.

Partnership with Space for a Better World

Space for a Better World is a company that was founded to connect the “space curious” to the “space serious” through events, experiences and storytelling using the awe and wonder of space exploration. Our collaboration with them will bring exposure to our game, and the endorsement of current astronauts.This partnership has flourished and they remain committed to our cause.

Onboarding marketing support

We hired a seasoned marketing team to bolster our community and token growth initiatives, while assisting our brand in onboarding new audiences to The Moon. The team have tremendous experience, having worked with the likes of ChainGuardians, Cross The Ages, SIDUS NFT Heroes and current Binance Labs-backed projects.

Our commitment to growing the brand sets forth a clear roadmap for the near future, one where we are focused on ensuring as many people find their way to our corner of the universe, the moon.

Adding $2MOON utility through early release of our gaming incubator

We are glad to announce the Ertha Incubator, which will be launched with the support of Three Towers Ecosystem. Our combined efforts will ensure a smooth rollout of incubations and the launch of tier 1 web3 metaverse and gaming projects. With the Ertha Incubator our position in the upcoming bull market will be much stronger, providing us with an additional platform for revenue and most importantly generate utility for the $2Moon token.

While we initially intended to unveil this later in our roadmap, we are doing it now! Keep an eye on our channels for more information about the Ertha Incubator!

Upcoming AMA — 27th September

Looking ahead, we anticipate a slew of new games to integrate smoothly into our existing token ecosystem. Upholding our commitment to transparency, we’ll regularly engage with you through live Q&A sessions, and development updates. The AMA will provide a platform for our community to ask questions, engage with us, and gain insights into our ongoing gaming build. Don’t worry if you can’t attend, we will record this to make it available for catch-up.


To kick start our plan, we’ve prepared a small gift for 21 lucky community members. We will be giving away:

  • One Avatar (of your choosing),
  • 5 Path Finder Vehicles and
  • 15 Orion Space Suits

To participate in this giveaway, all you need to do is make sure that you are registered to our newsletter and have opened at least one email between the period of 20th August 2023 and 10th September 2023. With these two simple steps, you become instantly eligible to win one of these prizes.

Closing words

Thank you for making it this far into our open letter. We hope this provided you a comprehensive update to our plans moving forward, and thank you for being a part of our journey!

Yours Truly,

The Moon Team