Beaver Blood Moon 🦫🌑

Today the moon will offer an amazing sight that you won’t see again until 2025. Earth’s shadow will fall on the disk, causing a total lunar eclipse! The full moon, which is expected today, is called the Beaver Blood Moon. The tradition of coming up with names for the full moon came from the Indian tribes: they noticed the features of a particular month and reflected them in the names of the full moons 👀

Why is the full Moon in November called Beaver? 🤔 Beavers actively prepare for the cold in November: they build dams and store food in their huts. Maybe that’s why the Native Americans, observing these hard-working animals, named the full moon after them 💡

The moon will take on a brownish red-hue during the total lunar eclipse, which results from light from the sun hitting its disk after being bent around the Earth by our planet’s atmosphere, and this also filters out blue light 🤫

Lunar eclipses happen when the sun, Earth, and moon are directly aligned with Earth in the middle. When this occurs, Earth’s shadow falls on the moon 👻

The full moon will occur at 11:02 GMT ⏰ At this time, our natural satellite will be in the constellation Aries. Technically, a full moon lasts only a moment when it is at a certain point in its orbit, on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun 🔭

Look up to the sky, Lunarians! 🤩



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