🌕 Better Survival with MOON Spacesuits 🚀

Jul 27


Introducing our newest MOON collectible: Limited Edition Spacesuits. These unique assets offer a stunning visual appeal and essential functionality for your survival on the MOON. To be precise, they can offer up to 5x easier survival.

See for yourself 👉 https://market.moon.ws/wearables/

Charge Your Adventure with Helium-3! 🔋

One of the most critical resources is Helium-3, vital in charging your spacesuit to generate oxygen. With these spacesuits, you’ll look stylish and ensure the oxygen generation is far more efficient than the standard (free) spacesuit.

Each spacesuit in the collection varies in rarity and efficiency. The rarer the suit, the less Helium-3 you’ll need to charge your oxygen supplies. The rarest ones will be the most valuable in-game and on the secondary market.

All spacesuits are limited! Take your chance before they are sold out! 👀