Can Lunatics Blame The Moon? 🌘

1 min readAug 18, 2022

Lunatics have been around since the days of ancient Greece 📜 The word “lunatic” comes from the Latin word “luna,” which means moon. Lunatics were believed to be people who were affected by the moon 🌚

The theory was that the full moon caused seizures and influenced episodes of fever and rheumatism 😷 Because of the connection between the moon and unusual behavior, the afflicted were called lunatics. Lunatics were often thought to be possessed by demons or other evil spirits 👺

Today, we know that the moon does not cause seizures or influence episodes of fever and rheumatism. However, “lunatic” is still used to describe people behaving erratically or irrationally, and Lunatics are often considered dangerous and unpredictable 🤔

So, if you’re ever feeling a little crazy, you can blame it on the moon!

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