Discover the Gateway to the Solar Multiverse

2 min readApr 12, 2022


Moon is part of something big. Something truly ground-breaking that has never been attempted before — The Solar Multiverse. Our globe’s latest resource, the portal, is the gateway to Ertha Metaverse and beyond!

The multiverse will continue to expand throughout the Solar System, offering players multiple shared worlds to live in. Portals will be essential for players wanting to travel between metaverses, transport resources, and generate passive income.

As our Lunarians begin to develop their lunar colony, they will quickly discover that they don’t always have the resources required to produce certain goods. Whilst some can be obtained from other Lunarians or discovered on missions, others can only be found on Ertha.

Producing high-end products will require resources unavailable on the Moon. Portals open up the potential for interplanetary trading and give players the opportunity to obtain the resources they need to build infrastructure, spacecraft, weaponry, and more. Each unique item built by players becomes an NFT that can be used, traded, or sold for a profit.

Just like the Lunarians, players in Ertha will also require resources unavailable on their planet. Business-minded Lunarians can capitalize on this by selling Moon’s unique resources to Erthians for a profit. For example, Helium-3 is incredibly rare on Ertha yet plentiful on the Moon. This makes it highly sought after by Erthians, who will be desperate to take it off your hands!

There is still plenty more to discover about how Moon interacts with the planets of the Solar Multiverse. One thing is certain; portals will be the easiest way to explore it.

Do you own a portal yet? Remember that owning one in Moon grants you a portal in Ertha too! Track one down by visiting the globe.

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