Earn Moon NFTs by Participating in the Community

2 min readFeb 21, 2022

With an ongoing private sale and a huge gleam campaign up and running we are giving you plenty of ways to get your journey to the Moon underway. Today we’re announcing new ways to participate in our community and earn Moon’s lunar NFTs while you’re at it. Read on to learn more!

We’re delighted to announce that today marks the launch of the Moon Metaverse Discord economy! Our most active and dedicated members will be rewarded with ‘Moonshine’, a server-specific currency that can be redeemed for some truly space-age rewards.

How Can You Earn Moonshine?

Firstly, community members can claim Moonshine once a day, with consecutive days earning a healthy bonus. The amounts might seem small a first, but they will quickly stack up, making this well worth your time.

Secondly, increase the stakes by playing games and gambling your Moonshine. Take a chance and you could double your money! Make sure to participate in our upcoming competitions where we will be giving out Moonshine to winners. Follow our announcements to make sure you don’t miss out.

Finally, become an ambassador and be richly rewarded for your efforts. Remember, the more active you are, the more Moonshine you’ll earn!

What Kind of Rewards Can You Expect?

Once you’ve amassed your fortune, visit the rewards shop and redeem your Moonshine for a range of items.

Buy access to a special Discord channel — The Private Spaceship. Only the wealthiest Lunarians hang out there. Meet some new friends and start forming relationships that could prove valuable in the metaverse.

Purchase NFTs worth up to $750! This is an excellent way to get hold of some land, including the prestigious lunar North Pole.

Join the Moon Metaverse Discord and check it out for yourself!

Note: The Moonshine currency only functions within Discord and is not minted on any blockchain or related to Moon’s token.

Moon is a brand new Metaverse inspired by lunar exploration. Players have the opportunity to acquire NFT land plots, develop a new world, drive its economy and uncover the mysteries of the Moon’s dark side. Join Moon and start earning real-life revenue.