Embark on the Ultimate Lunar Adventure! πŸŒ™πŸ›’

1 min readJul 26, 2023


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1️⃣ Rare Unique Avatar β€” Stand out among moon explorers.
2️⃣ Rare Lunar Rover β€” Conquer MOON’s treacherous terrain with speed and capacity.
3️⃣ Rare Spacesuit β€” Equipped with advanced life support systems, finished in striking Moro Blue.

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Stardust Spacesuit:
Vital for survival on MOON with Helium life support;
Twice as efficient as regular spacesuits;
A rare collectible in unique Moro Blue color.

Lance Lunar Rover:
Navigate MOON’s rugged terrains at 3x the speed;
6x larger carrying capacity for your ventures;
Travel 1 HEX with just 10% battery charge;
Only 4 hours for full battery recharge;
A rare collectible with limited availability;
Exclusive PFP Collectible:

Astro Avatar:
A rare, limited-edition PFP collectible that grants access to the exclusive Astronaut club;
Earn the prestigious Astronaut title in-game;
Limited to only 999 units ever available.

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$153 ➑️ $59

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