Epic Moon Metaverse NFT Giveaway — Starts Now!

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new giveaway! Welcome to the Moon Metaverse NFT competition, an amazing chance to obtain riches among the stars 🌘✨

This is the perfect opportunity to become a Lunarian. We’re giving away a huge $20,000 in Moon Hex NFT land and an amazing share of $2000 in Moon tokens!

Follow this link to the official competition page.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Each Hex in the giveaway is packed with rare and valuable resources!

Start your space exploration mission on the right track by obtaining your first piece of the Moon. If you’ve already got some lunar land, why not try to add some more to your collection?

Be one of the first to join the Moon Metaverse — for free! Our Hex NFTs will open up seemingly limitless possibilities for their owners to start earning revenue.

It has been amazing to see how active the community has become over the past two weeks. The Lunar NFTs available in our private sale are going fast, and during last week’s #MoonQuest we gave away a Hex every single day!

Make sure you’re first to know about future events by following our Twitter, and joining our Discord and Telegram communities.




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