Ertha, Moon, and the Space Race — Part 3

3 min readSep 14, 2022

In part two of ‘Ertha, Moon, and the Space Race’ we discovered the motivations driving our three groups’ desire to reach the Moon. Today we set the stage for Moon Metaverse! Have each of our three groups successfully achieved their goal of landing on the lunar surface? What happens next?!

Things are rarely as simple as they seem. This was certainly true for our three groups as they scrambled to satisfy their desire to reach outer space for the first time.

The Dark Core were the first to exit Ertha’s atmosphere and complete the journey to the Moon. Ultimately, their desire to shake up the global standing back on Ertha pushed them to take risks that The Inquisitors were simply unwilling to take.

The Dark Core arrived on the lunar surface a good six months ahead of schedule and they were quick to set about constructing rudimentary shelters to provide a solid base from which to continue their expansion across the lunar surface.

Just weeks after touchdown, construction of Base Camp had been completed. It was finally time to send out exploratory teams. They were given the important task of finding suitable locations for future bases of operation. However, there were complications. The Dark Core was quick to realize that not everything goes to plan. It never does!

Deep in the lunar desert, strange movement was detected below the surface. The first explorers to report the anomaly were quick to return back to the relative safety of Base Camp. However, keen to discover the source of this movement, the team headed back out the very next day. This time they were careful to take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

They disappeared without a trace.

Days passed with no sign of the brave explorers. Base Camp was extremely alarmed and it was soon presumed that something had gone seriously wrong. Taking care not to jump to conclusions about the fate of their colleagues, rescue parties were formed.

Traversal through the lunar desert was extremely difficult and the weight of the spacesuits meant progress was slow. The rescue team had now been away for days and morale at Base Camp was reaching an all-time low. This was compounded when the rescue party eventually returned, several men short. Exhausted and appearing almost delirious, this was not the same team who had left just days ago. Where had their colleagues gone? What had they seen? It was impossible to get a coherent answer out of them.

Disturbed by their colleague’s physical and mental condition, further rescue missions were put on hold.

Just days later, The Dark Core mission control reported that they had received reports from trusted sources that The Inquisitors’ rocket had taken off.

Feeling backed into a corner and severely weakened by the disappearance of several of their men, The Dark Core had to decide on a course of action in preparation for the unexpected arrival of Ertha’s most powerful alliance.

To be continued…

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