Explore the Moon’s Dark Side and Solve Lunar Mysteries

2 min readFeb 14, 2022

In Moon Metaverse, the Lunarians that begin the difficult job of colonizing the Moon will also have the formidable task of expanding mankind’s reach into its dark side.

During the Apollo missions of 1969–1972 it was decided that due to planning complexities and increased risk factors, all missions would take place on the near side of the Moon.

On Earth, we are always presented with the Moon’s near side. The dark side of the Moon remained a great mystery until 1959 when the Soviet spacecraft Luna 3, sent back the first few grainy images of it from its travels.

In fact, the so-called dark side of the Moon is no darker than the near side at all. Although around 41% of the Moon’s surface remains hidden from Earth’s view due to tidal locking, sunlight falls equally across the Moon’s entire surface. When our Lunarians set foot on the Moon they will be tasked with exploring where no man has been before. These dangerous missions will not be for the faint of heart, but with high risk, comes high reward!

Keen travelers can undertake exploratory missions that will take them to the far corners of the Moon. During these community-wide expeditions, Lunarians will need to locate and piece together unique, mind-bending puzzles, requiring sharp minds and occasionally, well-organized teamwork.

The top-performing Lunarians will be richly rewarded with Moon’s token and NFTs that can be used to help them speed up the expansion of their HEXs, gaining them the upper hand on neighboring Moon countries.

Before heading out on these missions it is best to be well prepared. Moon Metaverse will provide players the ability to produce several transport options including Moon buggies, Rover trucks, and railways. The Rover truck will prove to be particularly useful for Lunarians who want to travel long distances whilst carrying valuable cargo.

Although at its core Moon Metaverse is centered around the establishment of player-driven communities, governments, and Moon countries, there will be plenty of dangerous, high-risk missions for our players to sink their teeth into upon release.

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