Gameplay explained: Conflicts 🔥

1 min readMay 12


The prospect of colonizing the moon has always been fascinating, but with it comes the potential for conflicts to arise. In a world where resources are scarce, power and control over them can lead to bitter rivalries ⚔️

In the AI-driven MOON Metaverse, players can establish their own state, country, and power. The ability to choose sides and create alliances adds complexity to the game 🎮

But be cautious, because established borders of clans and countries can be overtaken by opposing players. This means that players must be strategic in their gameplay and think carefully about their moves to maintain their dominance 👀

One more thing that can lead to quarrels is the exceptional demand for extremely rare resources. MOON resources are highly coveted and can fuel the conflicts as players scramble to gain control over them 🤔

Overall, conflicts in the MOON Metaverse provide an engaging and immersive experience that requires players to think strategically and tactically 🤓

Establish your state, choose sides, and create alliances to shape the future of the MOON with the help of advanced AI assistance 🚀