How Reputation Affects Your Experience in Moon

When designing Moon we took care to curate and craft a large selection of interlocking mechanics. Today we’ll introduce you to one of these. Reputation!

One of Moon’s unique features is its links to the Ertha Metaverse. Players wanting to maximize their earnings can take note of resource and product shortages found on Ertha, and then trade in-demand goods for a profit. It’s important to try and make the most of each HEX by setting up methods of resource extraction and creating manufacturing and distribution facilities. Moon dwellers will quickly discover that this is a very lucrative business.

It is here that reputation comes into play. Each player’s reputation is monitored on the Moon, and importantly, is visible at all times to others. Malicious actions taken against other players or carrying out illegal activities will affect how you are perceived.

This can impact your journey in Moon in many ways. It’s certainly possible to have a poor reputation on Ertha but be held in high regard on the Moon. You might learn that your past actions mean you’re very well respected in certain regions, or that no one will do business with you whatsoever in others. In some situations, players will need to pick sides or risk trying to remain neutral.

An overwhelmingly positive reputation could result in your HEXs being inundated with players who are living, working, and importantly, paying taxes on your land. This will passively generate the game's native token for the players controlling the land.

Moon’s NFTs are Binance-compatible allowing players to transfer them to a crypto wallet of their choice, and sell them on decentralized NFT marketplaces.

Learn more about the development of Moon, or register your interest in our lunar land sale, coming soon.

Moon is a brand new Metaverse inspired by lunar exploration. Players have the opportunity to acquire NFT land plots, develop a new world, drive its economy and uncover the mysteries of the Moon’s dark side. Join Moon and start earning real-life revenue.



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