Introducing Astro Avatars 👨‍🚀🚀

Jul 28


Art Alert! We’re proud to present our newest MOON collectibles — Astro Avatars!

Only 999 of these rare and limited edition avatars will ever be available.

See Collection 👉

Astro Avatars will:
• Usable in-game and socially as PFP;
• Grant you the prestigious “Astronaut” in-game title;
• Be usable in other Solar Multiverse projects (Ertha, Spellfire);
• Increase in value on the secondary market;
• Never be available again after selling out;

Keep in mind that with a limited supply and the potential for increased value in the secondary market, these MOON NFT Avatars are not only a badge of honor but also an opportunity to sell for a profit 😏


❗️ Limited time offer — 9 days left!