Introducing Newest MOON Advisor: Nicole Stott

1 min readJun 6


We’re thrilled to announce that the renowned American engineer and former NASA Astronaut, Nicole Stott, is working with MOON to help deliver an out-of-this-world gaming experience!

With a stellar career that includes two space missions and over 104 days in space, Nicole brings a wealth of experience to our lunar exploration plans.

As an astronaut, she accomplished incredible feats, including a historic spacewalk (the 10th woman to do so) and the first capture of a cargo vehicle with the station’s robotic arm!

Not stopping there, Nicole also holds the world record for the longest saturated dive during her time as an aquanaut on NEEMO 9, living in an aquatic research habitat for 18 days!

Having Nicole Stott on board is incredibly exciting as we embark on an exciting lunar exploration journey and build an interstellar future in the MOON Metaverse. With her extensive experience and expertise, we’re confident that Nicole will play a crucial role in our mission 🚀

Join us on this thrilling journey as we reach new heights and make history!