Introducing the MOON Community Rewards Program

Your Lunar Journey Just Became More Rewarding

3 min readOct 11, 2023


Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? How about an astronaut who not only explores but also builds and thrives on the Moon? Well, MOON makes that possible, virtually! And guess what? Your space journey is about to get even more rewarding.

At MOON, we’re driven to create a revolutionary AI-powered MMORPG experience inspired by lunar exploration. Our mission is to build a universe where you can explore, create, and thrive alongside gamers from all corners of the world.

We are thrilled to introduce our new community rewards program, specially designed to enhance your engagement and provide additional perks for your stellar support.

The MOON Community Program: What It Is

The MOON Community Program is a race to the stars, helping you get closer to the rest of the community, leveraging the strongest power in the universe, friendship! Engage in friendly competition to be the first of 5 to reach the highest tiers earning rewards along the way.

Our objective is simple but significant. We want to make your journey in our lunar world as fulfilling as possible, rewarding you for your time, creativity, and community spirit.

How It Works: Introducing the Tiers

Earn experience points (xp) by engaging in meaningful conversations with other community members, providing support, answering questions and generally engaging with the community.

Participate In the weekly quizzes and reach your goals faster.

Quizzes will provide you with additional xp, based on your winning position:

👉First place: 30 xp
👉Second Place: 20 xp
👉Third Place: 10 xp

Discord Community Messages

Reward for every message on Discord (some channels are going to be excluded (like games, etc.):

👉Between 3 and 7 xp

The Moon Community Manager Reward

The Moon community managers can additionally reward active users for engaging the community in meaningful ways, so stay active and support your community to qualify for these surprise xp drops.

Contributions to the MOON social platform

Content creators on the social platform (writers of posts, sharing thoughts about space and the moon) will get rewarded for their creations:

👉50 xp

Just sign up and start creating content about your favorite topics and enjoy increased xp rewards!

Make sure to add your Discord username to your profile under “Description” to make sure we can properly allocate xp to your account. Winning articles created by users with no Discord name in the description will be given a 7-day period to update their profiles.

Note: Spamming won’t get you to the Moon!

10 Tiers of Progression:

  • Lunar Cadet: The first small step for man. (100 xp)
  • Moon Miner: Digging deeper into the lunar surface. (255 xp)
  • Orbit Navigator: You’re not just circling; you’re exploring. (475 xp)
  • *Surface Scout: The Moon’s not uncharted territory for you. (770 xp)
  • Rocket Engineer: Build and enhance your lunar experiences. (1150 xp)
  • Astronomy Sage: Guiding others through cosmic challenges. (1625 xp)
  • *Lunar Builder: Forging communities within MOON’s world. (2205 xp)
  • Cosmic Diplomat: Building interstellar relationships. (2900 xp)
  • Solar Sage: Your wisdom lights up even the darkest craters. (3720 xp)
  • *Galactic Overlord: The Moon? How about the galaxy? (4675 xp)

*The first 5 community members to reach the specified reward tiers will receive exclusive in-game rewards. Additional prizes may also be available and will be distributed at the discretion of The Moon.

The Rewards

From unique in-game assets to exclusive event passes — your rewards are as expansive as the lunar surface.

A notification will guide you on how to claim your well-deserved rewards.

Hop in to Get Started on Your Stellar Journey!

Stay tuned by following us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for real-time updates.

See you soon Mooners!

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