Learn How Mankind Can Make the Moon Liveable

Moon Metaverse
2 min readJan 12, 2022


During the development of Moon, we explored some amazing ways for our Moonlanders to combat the little-known threats that currently make the lunar surface unliveable.

Our Moonlanders will need to deal with asteroids bombarding the lunar surface, galactic cosmic rays that pose severe health threats, and radiation levels that are 200 times higher than those on Earth.

Therefore, to protect themselves from these dangers, new infrastructure will need to be developed. Transporting materials from Earth would be far too expensive as even a simple house would cost 100 times more!

Thankfully, the surface of the Moon is covered in a fine, rough, grey dust, called regolith. This material can be used to construct buildings much more affordably.

Moon Metaverse has been developed with this knowledge in mind. Here are some exciting places that our Moonlanders could live.

Regolith Houses

One way to construct buildings is to use bricks 3D-printed from regolith. This will work by building an igloo out of the bricks and covering the structure with loose soil. The igloo would surround the habitat, protecting Moonlanders from space radiation and the constant bombardment of micro-meteorites that the lunar surface experiences. Most buildings will have to be largely underground to ensure they offer the most protection.

Underground Caves

New theoretical work suggests that the Moon is hiding a vast network of underground lava tubes formed by past lava flows. Many of these are large enough to house cities and even protect them against the Moon’s harsh environment. Moonlanders can use this network to support long-term space exploration on the Moon, offering shelter from cosmic radiation, meteorite impacts and the wild swings of the lunar day and night temperatures.


The Moon’s surface has many craters of varying sizes. The smallest are microscopic, whereas the largest discovered crater is about 290km across in diameter!

NASA considers large moon craters as one of the safest places for colonization. This is not only because there might be a considerable amount of water there but also because they offer natural protection from asteroids and radiation. Building homes and other buildings in craters is one of the safest choices for the Moonlanders to make.

Until next time, learn more about the development of Moon, or register your interest in our lunar land sale which is coming soon!

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