Learn How to Use Moon’s Gameplay Features to Your Advantage

Moon Metaverse is comprised of 126,000 virtual HEX land plots, each represented as an NFT. Within the metaverse, players can perform various activities that will generate income in Moon tokens ($MOON).

This is where the two main pillars of Moon’s gameplay come in.


The first of these pillars is land. The map's limited supply of 126,000 HEX plots will be used by players to complete several major actions in the metaverse.

  • It can be bought, sold, traded, and rented on crypto exchanges between other Moon dwellers and those outside of the Moon ecosystem.
  • Players can establish companies, living quarters, shopping areas, and other activities generating economic value for their land.
  • It can be used to extract mineral resources, which are then used to develop the economy of the land plot itself, sold to other Moon countries, or traded with Ertha.
  • The plot’s owner/administrator can tax all economic activities on their land plot.

Each of these actions generates revenue in valuable MOON tokens. Whether your game plan involves extracting resources or building companies, everything is under your control.


The second pillar of the Moon’s gameplay is countries. Owners of any number of land HEXs can declare their possessions as sovereign political and administrative entities. Moon countries can:

  • Levy taxes and fees to their inhabitants and all other types of economic activities occurring within their borders.
  • Form alliances and partnerships with other Moon countries.
  • Control commerce with other countries and Ertha.
  • Control armies and go to war against other Moon countries in extreme circumstances.

Have you ever wanted to shape your own destiny? Moon Metaverse gives you the chance. Become a Moon dweller and take control into your own hands!

Until next time, learn more about the development of Moon, or register your interest in our lunar land sale which is coming soon!



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