Mega Multi-Project Giveaway!

Jun 1, 2022


Moon Metaverse and the Three Towers family have joined forces with 19 high-profile GameFi projects to create a truly unmissable opportunity for gamers around the globe! 🌍

The NFT community continues to grow and we’ve got a staggering prize pool of $50,000 to give away❗️❗️

Join Now: 👉 Three Towers Giveaway 👈

Our lucky winners will share a selection of sought-after tokens and exclusive NFTs from some of the industry’s most popular projects. 🤩

Invite your friends and complete extra tasks to increase your chance of winning these amazing prizes. 🎁

Good luck 🚀

Moon is a brand new metaverse inspired by lunar exploration. Players have the opportunity to acquire NFT land plots, develop a new world, drive its economy and uncover the mysteries of the Moon’s dark side. Join Moon and start earning real-life revenue.