Moon — Common Destiny and Our Future as a species

Civilizations across the planet and across millennia have worshipped it — calling it Ishtar, Selene, Chandra, Ratih, Artemis, Khonsu, and dozens more names. It has been seen as a symbol of fertility, femininity, alchemy, the rhythm of time, immortality, birth, death, and what lies hidden from view.

Moon metaverse is on its way!

Men have traveled to it, landed on it, and brought back to Earth parts of it — but they have never been able to conquer it.

Now, we aim to leverage Blockchain technology to create the ultimate Metaverse beyond Earth, a virtual game unlike any the world has ever seen — Moon.

A Metaverse that encompasses humanity’s deepest dream, which is to make the moon part of our common destiny and our future as a species.

A new place for humanity to express its creativity, its ambitions, and its desire to never stop moving forward. A new, incredible world — beyond our world.

Moon is a brand new Metaverse inspired by lunar exploration. Players have the opportunity to acquire NFT land plots, develop a new world, drive its economy and uncover the mysteries of the Moon’s dark side. Join Moon and start earning real-life revenue.




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