Moon Country 🌒

2 min readJan 24, 2023

There are three essential components of governance on Moon. Lunarians will have a good chance of creating a prosperous country to call home if all three can be developed alongside each other 📈

The Military 👮‍♂️

This Military is made up of volunteers from the players of each specific country. The state provides the Military with weaponry, which is paid for by the tax revenues generated within the country itself 🪖

Fiscal Administration 💶

Players can impose taxes and gather revenue for activities conducted in each country’s domain. Finances can be used to acquire and sell land, maintain the Military and its weaponry, provide incentives for economic development, and, if needed, confiscate private property to ensure the state’s security. The government may also create strategic food and natural resource stocks to deal with potential supply constraints and ensure that businesses can continue to operate uninterrupted 📊

Political Structure 🖋

Each Moon country will set up a political structure to govern, which should reflect the values and objectives of those in power. Countries can choose from various political regimes, including liberal democracy, presidential democracy, and lunar monarchy ⚖️

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