Moon Gameplay 🕹

1 min readFeb 20, 2023

Moon dwellers, like everyone else, will need to earn a living and sustain themselves. To do so, the early settlers on the Moon will take the initiative to study and analyze their surroundings, searching for valuable resources that can be mined and used to their advantage 🛠

With astute minds, these settlers will have to recognize the importance of taking a head start, setting up efficient resource extraction methods, and creating manufacturing and distribution facilities 💡

Players will not just limit themselves to the resources available on the Moon but also take note of resource and product shortages found on other planets. This presents a huge opportunity to trade with the citizens of other planets, exchanging extracted resources and manufactured goods ™️

Some settlers may need more resources and trade opportunities to sustain their needs. Maximizing earnings and finding other income sources becomes crucial for these players 💵

But with entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness, there is no doubt that Lunarians will find success and thrive in their new home in the Moon Metaverse! 😎

Lunarins will take advantage of the unique opportunities presented to them, using their skills and determination to earn a living and make a life for themselves on this celestial body 🌚

Are you ready to become a Moon landowner and build your lunar empire❓