Moon Role: Generals

1 min readDec 13, 2022

Every civilization needs rules, laws, and someone responsible for them. We introduce you to Generals — leaders whose duty is to oversee the political and military strategies.

Generals play an important role in maintaining order in the Moon Metaverse, as they have to manage disputes between Moon states, negotiate treaties and alliances, and in extreme cases, even declare wars. To be effective, Generals must possess a deep understanding of international relations as well as the political landscape of their state.

Generals are also responsible for developing strategic plans that will ensure peace and prosperity on the Moon. This includes assessing their forces’ and potential enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Generals must also consider Moon states’ cultural, economic, and technological differences to negotiate successfully.

A strong General can bring peace and prosperity to a society, whereas a weak one could cause chaos and conflict.

With Generals’ skills and knowledge, they can guide the formation of communities and countries, creating a brighter future for everyone living there. To ensure success, they must stay informed and remain prepared for anything coming their way.

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