What Is The Moon Metaverse ❓🌒

1 min readJan 4, 2023

Moon Metaverse is an entirely new player-driven environment with unlimited opportunities. Players will face a lot of riddles and mysteries as soon as they land on the Moon. No borders, no governments, and no countries. How not to get lost in it and build an extensive lunar empire? 🚀

The leading players’ goal is to expand their HEXs, develop the economy, and explore the Moon. Players can face unexpected problems and challenges. Moon keeps a lot of secrets, right? 👀

Moon Metaverse gives an opportunity for its players to establish a new, better place to live. Build entire cities and even countries, raise infrastructure, set your boundaries, enact laws, and manage a unique self-built ecosystem 🧑‍🚀

All in-game activities will be rewarded, so more progress will generate more income 💰

It is a mysterious place full of secrets and hidden truths. Experienced players can go deeper into the unknown and explore its darkest depths. With a world of possibilities, the Moon’s depths may contain anything from forgotten artifacts to advanced technologies. Who knows what secrets await us? 🔦