What is the Moon Metaverse?

2 min readDec 8, 2022

MOON is a completely new player-driven environment with unlimited opportunities. Players will face a lot of riddles and mysteries as soon as they land on the Moon. No borders, no governments, and no countries. How to avoid getting lost in it and build an extensive lunar empire?

The leading players’ goal is to expand their HEXs into fully-functioning lunar communities, develop the economy, and explore the Moon. Players can face unexpected problems and challenges. Moon keeps a lot of secrets, right?

Moon Metaverse allows its players to establish a new, better place to live. Build entire cities (and even countries!), raise infrastructure, set your own boundaries, enact laws, and manage a unique self-built ecosystem. All in-game activities will be rewarded, so more progress will generate more income.

The Moon is not fully explored and still keeps many secrets and dark spots. Scientists have yet to learn a lot about our Earth’s satellite. It’s time for players to investigate this cosmic area! They will have an opportunity to experience and explore the unique environment of the Moon — breathtaking landscapes, craters, mountains, resources, and other lunar features.

Enter a new era of space exploration with the Moon Metaverse. Create a new innovative world — that’s the motto!