What’s it like to be an astronaut?

2 min readDec 2, 2022

Being an astronaut is undoubtedly a unique and exciting experience. While an astronaut’s job involves long hours, rigorous training, and often challenging physical and psychological requirements, astronauts are rewarded with the incredible opportunity to explore new frontiers in space.

Astronauts can view our planet from a perspective that few will ever experience: looking down at Earth from above and seeing the beauty of our universe.

They also get to conduct necessary research, such as experimenting with new technology or observing the effects of microgravity on various processes.

In addition, astronauts often participate in activities that are out of this world — from spacewalks to driving space rovers!

The life of an astronaut is genuinely extraordinary. Yet with this fantastic opportunity comes a level of risk and danger that no other profession requires. Astronauts must be prepared to face the harsh reality of space travel, which includes reduced gravity, extreme temperatures, long periods of isolation, and potential medical complications. They also face dangers such as radiation exposure, meteoroids, and the possibility of failure of their spacecraft.

Here are some interesting facts about astronauts:

  1. The process of becoming an astronaut is very demanding. In 2017, 18,000 people applied to NASA to be selected. These applicants had excellent credentials, including experience and fitness levels which were among the best. The selection took 18 months, and out of those original 18,000 candidates, only 8–14 were chosen to complete full astronaut training.
  2. Exercising for at least two hours per day is crucial for astronauts to maintain muscle mass and bone density, as wasting away is a real risk in space. The atmosphere and environment are unnatural for humans, so exercise helps keep them safe while in space.
  3. Astronauts prepare for walking in space by walking underwater. Since we are weightless when we float, NASA believes this is the best way to train for a zero-gravity environment.

Despite all the challenges, astronauts remain dedicated and bravely take on the risks of space exploration to further our understanding of the universe.

Their courage and commitment to discovering new frontiers have earned them the admiration of people worldwide, and their achievements will continue to inspire more generations.

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