Where Did The Moon Come From?

2 min readSep 27, 2022

It may seem that the Moon has always been. But after all, it had to appear sometime! Astronomers have been able to find out its approximate age. They examined the soil astronauts brought and discovered that the Earth’s satellite is about four and a half billion years old! Quite an old lady, isn’t it?

But where did the Moon come from? Scientists, of course, are trying to find the answer to this question. There are many versions of the origin of our planet’s satellite, and let’s get to know some of them.

There is a theory that long ago, the Earth collided in space with another huge celestial body the same size as the planet Mars. As a result of this impact, a large piece came off the Earth, which later became its space satellite.

Some scientists believe that our planet and its satellite formed in different parts of the solar system. But then the Moon flew past the Earth in space and was captured by the gravitational field. In other words, the Earth pulled it to itself, so it remains in orbit.

Another option is similar to the previous one. The Earth pulled several small moons towards itself. As a result, these celestial bodies collided and broke into fragments, and then the Moon we know now appeared from these fragments.

All those theories sound fascinating, isn’t it? Which one do you believe in?

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